Giving a Girl an Orgasm (Intensifying Erotic Emotions)-Secrets of Movie Directors

If you want the happiest years of your life, dominate a girl’s erotic emotions before giving her an orgasm. You have to understand that a girl is hungry for affection, love, and sex. She lives on the mountains of emotions. A girl’s emotions exist not only in her love life but also in her sexual fantasies. That’s why there is always a story in novels, movies, and soft porn movies. Writers and movie directors know exactly how to make a girl orgasm because they have total emotional and physical access to a girl’s erotic emotions.

A girl is very strongly attracted to a romantic masculine man. She knows that her sex and emotional life can be so satisfying and so perfect with a romantic, manly man. Ever wondered why vampires kick princesses in the ass? It is because they amplify the erotic emotions within girls and allow them to exist in sexual fantasies. First they dominate girls’ emotions, and then they rock their world with wild sexuality. So, if you want to give a girl an orgasm with wild love sessions, you must first intensify her erotic emotions.


1. INTENSIFY A GIRL’S EROTIC EMOTIONS (Secrets of Movie Directors).

It amazes me that most men think they can enhance the erotic emotions of a girl by giving her flowers, chocolates, or gifts. Although these things certainly help to some extent, they never arouse the erotic emotions in her. So if you want to arouse a girl’s erotic emotions, you have to impress her, use charming gestures, exude authoritative body language, and show passionate masculinity. These secret things are used in detail by the film directors. Now, let me give you two secret tips that will help you intensify the erotic emotions of women.

  • Make her a “PLAYFUL NAUGHTY Girl”: If you want to give a girl an orgasm, make her a playful naughty girl first.When you turn her into a playful girl, she breaks the barriers of her sexuality and roars like a sexual lioness during wild love sessions. You can add dresses in bright colours to her wardrobe. Brightly coloured dresses, high heels, belly chains, and ankle straps make a woman feel feminine and naughty. If your woman is dominant, you can easily end her dominance with the power of these things and turn her into a playful girl.

In movies, girls or women wear dresses in bright colours to attract heroes. They ignite the sexual spark in their personality with the power of high heels or gangster hats. Even in porn movies, directors use the power of high heels and brightly coloured dresses to intensify the girls’ erotic emotions. So, if you want to turn her into a playful girl and create erotic emotions in her, force her to wear high heels, bright-coloured dresses, and anklets. First you have to create erotic emotions in her to give the girl an orgasm.


  • Be an “authoritarian man”: Because of their authority, vampires have an extreme sexual spark in their personality.Their authority makes women drool over them thoroughly. Women/girls look at them with lustful eyes and a desire to have wild sex with them. The sexual twinkle in the eyes of vampires conquers women. Therefore, it is very necessary that you are an authoritative man. Remember, you can’t be dominant in the bedroom if you don’t have sexual authority.

A girl or woman is never attracted to a boy. If you think a guy’s confident body language or humour can make him attractive, you’re wrong. The first thing you need to do is turn yourself into a “Male Man”. Women in nearly 98 percent of movies always worship a man, never a boy.To be a masculine man, you have to assert your authority. There are many ways to create your authority. For example, use the hidden qualities of authoritative men. Use an attaché case, cash, and a little overdressing to dominate women. Also, use the power of an exclusive woman as your secretary or friend to project your dominance.


After you turn her into a playful girl and become an authoritative, manly man, it will be much easier for you to give a girl an orgasm. It’s because you turn yourself into that man who exists in her wildest fantasies. You turn yourself into a wild sexual lion who gives girls wet orgasms in their wildest fantasies.

To make a girl orgasm, you have to escalate the sexual anticipation by doing many things. You have to keep her feet warm while seducing her with your sexual whispers. Plus, you can use the powerful combination of touch while seducing her. For example, take her on your lap and gently rub your fingers over her skull while enjoying her lips. Also, press her calves as she sucks her nipples in wild love sessions. You just need to intensify every sex organ to give a girl an orgasm.

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